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Why Do People Cry at Funerals?

I have been old that the peoples of not all nations cry at funerals. For example, they say that the Chinese wear white, sing and dance. I don't know whether this is true or not, but China is a huge country with many religions and many sects, so it may or may not be the whole picture.

Why Do People Cry at Funerals?

why do people cry at funeralsI have seen people crying at funerals in every country that I have spent a lot of time in including Buddhist Thailand, although there is a lot less there than in Europe. This is because Buddhists believe in reincarnation.

They believe that the cycle of life includes one's physical body dying and the spirit being reborn into a new one until that person has enough not to return here any longer. In other words that one has reached enlightenment.

Christians and, I believe, Muslims believe that people go to Heaven when they die, so why would they cry at funerals? Surely, it is better to be in Heaven than here sick or suffering?

Likewise, why would Buddhists cry at funerals when they believe that a person's spirit will be reborn into another body sooner or later?

The answer has to be that those who cry at funerals are not crying for the person that has died. So, for whom? Perhaps, for any children that the deceased has left behind or for a spouse who will have a more difficult time coping alone?

Or perhaps for themselves, because they will miss the attention, love, guidance or support of the one who has gone on? These last reasons are, of course, selfish. If someone misses someone because they will no longer be there for them, it is selfish.

This is not, therefore an expression of love for the deceased. Crying because of someone else's loss is misguided, because it does not recognise fate, karma or Divine Intervention, whatever you want to call it.

People have a fate. I personally believe that we choose our own fate before we are even born, otherwise fate does not make sense. For example, if you want to learn what it's like to be born the spoilt son in a rich family, it is no good being born in a council house.

No-one can change the fate of another, no matter how hard they try. It would be like redrawing a map, while leaving the actual roads unchanged.

Do not waste your time mourning for others, you cannot change their loss, but you can be there to help them emotionally and even financially, if you really mean it.

Tears don't butter any parsnips; crocodile tears soon become apparent.

An outburst of emotion that leads to tears helps no-one and so is misguided. It reveals a lack of thought for others, a lack of religious belief or a misunderstanding of how life works.

There has to be death to allow the stock to improve. There are many 'students' waiting to take there places at the university of life and there are plenty of other institutions to attend for those who have passed through this one with flying colours.

Death and funerals are not the end of the road. They are the starting point of a new chapter in a book or even a new book in a series.

if you cannot see that yet, it is not a problem, you will one day, but for the present, don't cry at funerals or at least try not to, it only sets off others less strong than yourself.

by +Owen Jones

Copied from An Exciting Future with kind permission.